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For young adults of all ages, 18-95
The Solar Current is Nuptially Tuned
by Thomas M Miovas Jr

"The videocom made its horrible noise again.
"Spencer grumbled but answered it anyhow.
"The voice from the other end said simply, “Extraterrestrials in Crater 451. Meet me in the Operations Building in fifteen minutes.”"

When Spencer Harling investigates the spacecraft, he is in for a surprise!

Would you have the courage to enter and explore a crash-landed unknown spacecraft on the moon? What do you think you will find there? And how can one use solar flares for a spacecraft? Could you be an inventor and make something important for future space travel? You would if you were Spencer Harling and had been fired from Lunar City and was looking for some adventure. Read about it in my new science fiction book "The Solar Current is Nuptially Tuned." Kindle Paper Back Large Type

ISBN: 979-8372049895
Imprint: Independently published

I've been writing since high school in various formats, and love science fiction. My first Kindle published short story is "The Solar Current is Nuptially Tuned" written after college. It is a sci-fi adventure story set on the moon. My other interests are philosophy and physics, and I have a very active imagination. I am currently writing a novel about how philosophical ideas influence a culture. My writing is set for those who are 18 years old to 95 years old—or adult minded young adults. I am interested in making a living with my writing and have a website full of ideas at . I am a big fan of Ayn Rand and her sense of life as one big adventure held as it might be and ought to be (to borrow a phrase from Aristotle).