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No claim is being made that I speak

for the philosophy of Ayn Rand, known as Objectivism.

I speak only for myself and my understanding of a philosophy

that I have made my own over the past 40 years (since 1976).

I consider myself to be an amateur philosopher of reason.

The mention of any well-known or lesser known individuals (professional

philosopher or otherwise) does not imply their endorsement of the contents

of this web site. Though many of these essays were originally published

in various electronic media or printed media, the publication of these essays

on this web site does not imply the endorsement of the contents by the forums

or publications in which they were originally published, nor does their

publication on this web site imply the endorsement of individuals associated

with those forums or publications (their owners or the members thereof).

In some cases, comments or corrections were inserted into

the essays, which have been excerpted (for the most part) due to

the fact that further elaborations were made on these points, which I do not

have permission to re-publish. No aspect of the contents

of this web site is intended to be defamatory with regard to individuals

mentioned in the essays, whether they be the person raising a topic

or a person mentioned in the essays -- there is a difference

between correcting or even condemning a person's ideas versus

calling the moral character of an individual into question.

Not responsible for advertiser's claims.

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Where Ideas Are Brought Down to Earth!

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