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 Here is a Clue

by Thomas M. Miovas, Jr.

All Rights Reserved 1993

Here is a clue as what to do

While 'tempting to correct the glue

That binds your mind and body to

A culture stuck in moods of blue:

Remember art is Man's best way

Of realizing causal sway --

The cult of moralizing gray

Won't stand a chance to give a nay.

For an artistic vision bright

Enlightens all to see the right

Of Man the hero at his height

And glories even in the night.

'Tis not all lost to those who see

The power of philosophy,

But honor those who's glory be

Made real by concretizing thee.

Take up the banner of true art:

A necessary vital part

Not often used to make a start

(Most think of axes then depart).

Stay here and use your mind, to wit:

A change of soul to further it

Along such lines as proper knit;

Integrity will cure the rift.

The mind, it too needs nutrients

To help it through the rudiments

Of carving life from all the rents

Put forth by those at variance.

Let not your soul be want of life

Nor give into opposing strife,

For use of art as cutting knife

Can turn a man into a smithe.

'Tis his own soul he seeks to carve

From out of wasteland with no bard;

His heroes often left to starve

Because it's thought to be too hard.

But if it's difficult to be

A hero in this land of free,

Where else do you expect to see

Advice for rationality?

For justice is and justice must

Become the one to drive to dust

Dishonest preachers gaining trust

Of people's souls driving to bust.

Productiveness is not all clay

That's shaped by mindful hands at play;

One's spirit, too, needs to display

The prideful vigor of the day.

Be independent and be smart,

Let not the otherism start

To drain the knowledge of your part:

Simply compose heroic art.

Look deep enough and you will find,

That vision locked within your mind;

Philosophy and art combined

Lets few men settle for the rind.