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Ayn Rand's most popular novels are Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead, which present her philosophy, Objectivism, in vivid characterizations.

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Protest NSA Mass Spying Tuesday, February 11, 2014

by Thomas M. Miovas, Jr.


As I sit here and compose my personal protest against the NSA mass spying on the American people without probably cause and without a warrant stating which specific law violating individual rights has been breach, I find myself in a bit of a quandary. Many websites and organizations seeking to turn the internet into a no-private-intellectual-property commons are mobilizing for a mass protest against violations of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of these United States, whereby one will be spied upon and tracked and manipulated to further the ends of petty dictator wanna-bees. While I do not support any vestiges of common property -- as each man owns what he produces, including intellectual property I do agree with them that a man ought to be free to live his own life without interference by the State so long as he does not violate anyone's individual rights. In some cases, they are confused on the issue of intellectual property rights, and in some cases they seek to abolish IP rights across the board. And yet, violations of one's civil rights ought to be protested and protested loudly. In many cases, those joining this protest won't even realize that the issue of intellectual property rights must be made and that in a free country and man would own what he produces and presents to the world in an effort to live his life. The explicit protest is against government encroachment of our individual rights; the implicit protest is against IP; so what course ought a man to take when confronted with such an issue?

I think it is safe to join a mass protest against the government on an ad hoc basis, so long as one states the issue clearly and makes it known that the package deal will not be accepted. In other words, I freely join the protest against the Unconstitutional spying while rejecting the implicit protest against IP. We are in a precarious position where our individual rights are being violated on a daily basis, and something needs to be done about that and one large step in the right direction is to protest against the government when one's rights are being violated by the very agency that ought to be protecting them.

With this issue firmly in mind, I ask that, you, too, join in the protest on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 by any means you have to make your voices heard, be it FaceBook, Twitter, your blog, or your website. Those of us who understand the issues clearly are seeking to re-establish a government that supports and upholds individual rights across the board against all those who would violate our rights. That some of one's fellow protesters themselves may be violating those rights is a side issue in the greater context. If we take this opportunity to reign in the government (Federal, State, or Local), the other issues in the package deal can be handled in due course. We have to stop the Juggernaut, and then we can stop the petty thieves. So, I protest both the NSA illegal spying and those seeking to eradicate intellectual property rights across the board.

A simple statement to the effect that you support the Fourth Amendment and Intellectual Property Rights would be sufficient.

Thank you.



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